7th day of competition – team men and women
Date: 01. June 2018
In the team competition the strong Russian women reached the semi-finals with a gigantic lead. The Ukrainian team’s qualification was no surprise either. Third place of the preliminary round was won by Italy and Greece reached fourth place. [pic]pic_index.jpg|Women-Team Italy[/pic] The Greek women won their first game against Russia but lost the second one. The decisive third game however was won by the Russian women, although by a narrow margin. The second semi-final was equally close. Italy won their first game, lost the second but managed to turn the match again when the Ukrainian women showed weakness in the third game. [pic]pic_02.jpg|Women-Team Greece[/pic] Against Russia however the Italian women couldn’t show a convincing performance. After two games the winner was the Russian team: Fifth gold medal for Russia, first overall medal for Italy. [pic]pic_01.jpg|France[/pic] There were no big surprises in the men’s competition. Germany, Russia and Ukraine were the leading teams. France followed as fourth. With a clear 2:0 the German men won over France in the semi-final. Equally clear was the Ukrainian’s victory. [pic]pic_03.jpg|German-Team[/pic] In the final the Ukrainian team showed better endurance, while the Germans couldn’t reach their usual good performance. 2:0 and gold for Ukraine, silver for Germany, bronze for Russia and France.
Medal list
Pos. Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
Russia (RUS)
6 1 7 14
Ukraine (UKR)
3 6 6 15
Germany (GER)
3 1 5 9
Turkey (TUR)
0 1 1 2
France (FRA)
0 1 1 2
Italy (ITA)
0 1 0 1
Great Britain (GBR)
0 1 0 1
Sweden (SWE)
0 0 1 1
Greece (GRE)
0 0 1 1
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