Women Single
Date: 26. Mai 2018

The second day of competition belonged to the Ladies. In the singles event 68 women competed for the title.

The semi-finals were decided between Russia and Ukraine:

Olga Lotina (RUS) played against the Ukrainian Daryna Velychenko and Kateryna Kovalchuk (UKR) competed against Russia’s Nadezda Korablinova.

Silver: Kateryna Kovalchuk (UKR)

Lotina beat Velychenko with a wide margin of 60 pins and moved on to the finals.

The seconde semi-final was won by the Ukrainian athlete Kovalchuk.

The final and title for women’s singles was won by Lotina.

Gold: Olga Lotina (RUS)

Best German woman was Madita Herbst ranking 14th.

Best german athletic: Madita Herbst

Place 1 – 8

1 – Olga Lotina (RUS)

2 – Kateryna Kovalchuk (UKR)

3 – Nadezda Korablinova (RUS)

4 – Daryna Velychko (UKR)

5 – Aurelie Scellier (FRA)

6 – Brigitte Buehler (SUI)

7 – Dina Partis (RUS)

8 – Katerina Klofacova (CZE)